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Our Collagen Bath Soak is a concentrated soak that requires a minimum of half a bathtub of water (15 gallons). Hydrolized collogen has amino acids that absorb into the skin to hydrate and restore; we have also paired essential oils so that each soak had it's own benefits!


Genmaicha (Bancha leaf & Oryza Sativa): Bancha green tea is paired with roasted brown rice. Green tea draws toxins from the body while rice enzymes nourish the skin. Rice enzymes are especially good for hair (a common practice for asians is to rinse their hair with rice water). This tea is sourced from Japan.


Sandalwood (Santalum Album & Pterocarpus Santalinalis): this oil tightens and brightens the skin, helping with fine lines and skin pigmentation. It's earthy scent is calming and soothing too!

WS: Genmaicha Tea & Sandalwood Collagen Bath Soak

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