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To every woman who asks more of themselves than anyone else,  this company was created for you.

We too have high standards; we wanted high end, spa quality products that are healthy for our skin and gentle to the environment - plus it has to be easy to do because our lives are already full.

But where were we going to find these ingredients and how do we know they work? 

We returned to the source - nature -and started with one of the most beauty conscious cultures on earth - the Orient.  We studied their traditional appothecary (medicinal) practices and used modern technology to make our products safe, effective, and as natural as possible
 because that's what we would use too.

To symbolize our journey of rediscovery we chose the dragonfly which represents self-realization, strength, and transformation.

We hope you will join us on our journey.

Wegreen 2019_39.jpg

I know people say 'beauty is more than skin deep' and I agree - but when you feel pretty, put together, healthy... isn't that okay too?  I know when I feel confident about the outside - it affects how I feel inside.  I don't think its shallow - I think its honest and real.

I'm guiding Dragonfly Bath House to curate products I actually use.  With a husband, kids, and multiple businesses - a trip to the spa isn't always possible - but switching out my regular lotion, taking an extra 10 minutes for a bath instead of a shower? That's manageable.

So more than anything, I want other women who's life is at capacity to be able to take better care too.

- Sheila

Our founder Sheila Kwan Wegreen is born of Chinese Canadian heritage. 


Straddling two cultures has given her insight into the many benefits of traditional ingredients and the advancements of modern day science.   Her grandmother's teachings of healthful food was intimately intertwined with traditional apothecary ingredients specifically chosen for their benefits to skin and body. 


Beauty, youth, and radiance of skin is especially prized in oriental culture and from the age of 6 Sheila was taught the long standing traditions of oriental esthetics and nutrition. With a large influence of women in the family, Sheila was able to experience the best of Eastern and Western esthetic practices.  From microdermabrasion to birds nest soups, these experiences formed her own unique  view of esthetics and natural cosmetics. 

The realization of DRAGONFLY Bath House is the culmination of her experiences and what she loved best of the past and present.

The world is so much bigger than us...



A documentary produced in 1995 depicting the state of the orphanage system in China. 


The charity "First Hugs" created life rooms to receive children that would not have survived. Their operations were suspended by the Government of China in 2019 but they continue to provide support where and when they can. For their current campaigns visit their Facebook Page.

First Hugs:


In addition to emergency relief efforts that bring aid to people caught in the grip of natural disaster, war, and endemic poverty, Feed The Hungry provides nutritional security to some of the most vulnerable children in the world.


Through Every Child Every Day centers in twenty-one nations, thousands of children receive a hot meal prepared daily by our network of volunteers.


As one of the world’s leading child development organizations, Compassion partners with the local church in 25 countries to end poverty in the lives of children and their families.

Today, two million children are discovering lives full of promise and purpose as they develop in all the different aspects of their lives—their minds, bodies and relationships—while giving them the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ at a local church.

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