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Marketing & Training

This page gives you and your staff information on our products, its benefits, and what we legally can & cannot say according to the Canadian Food and Drug Administration.  If there's a slip up, no worries - that's why we have insurance but we don't want to have to use it! 

We know it's a lot to remember.  Feel free to print out the information cards and display it with our products!

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Dragonfly Bath House

  • Our totem (the Dragonfly) represents courage and transformation in eastern philosophy.

  • We are an artisan bath-care company that specializes in high quality, small batch products.

  • Formulations are based on eastern & western apothecary practices.

  • Our focus is quality, effectiveness, and being as natural as possible.

  • We work with formulators from across the world and use up to date research.

  • Our products are produced in licensed manufacturing and commercially licensed spaces.

  • We are a small business from the Peace Country that strives to give a luxury brand experience. 


  • Ingredients are selected in this order: safety of use, effectiveness and benefits of it's use, cost to implement in formulation.

  • We naturally forage for ingredients in the wild as well: we have the benefit of living in the Peace Country and its abundance of natural woodland.

  • We purchase ingredients from reputable sources.

More coming soon!
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